Hot Lunch Initiative

Thank You To All Those Who Donated To The Local Elementary School "Hot Lunch Initiative!"

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated to our recent initiative, which provides a hot lunch to every child in need at a local community school for grades K-5! 
Many families are unable to afford paying the cost of lunch each day and may be in the process of applying for free/reduced cost lunch. However, there is a waiting period. During this time, kids are only given a cold cheese sandwich to eat. Subsequently, they throw them away due to embarrassment of not having money to buy a hot lunch like the other kids. Additionally, some families are just above poverty level and thus do not qualify for the free/reduced lunch program. 
Your generous donations provide hot lunches, often the only one of the day, for these children.  Your heart to give is literally providing nourishment to many children so they can focus on learning and doing their best in school. You are giving them not only a hot meal, but a greater chance of learning. Thank you. You are a perfect example of our hope and vision for all- "One Act, Lasting Impact."
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