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Inspired By Miles 

Memories For Miles, Inc. was created as a local service organization inspired by a little guy with a tiny body and huge heart, named Miles. He was only with us for one month, but during that time he made a huge impact on all who knew him or knew of him. From him, I learned that a tiny act can make a BIG lifelong impact. He was such a small boy who lived a very short life, but in that time he changed so many lives just by his existence. I am forever thankful to him. My perspective and heart will be forever changed because of Miles. My hope is that yours will too- Please use your life to be kind and do good for others.


"One Act, Lasting Impact."

Life is all about perspective. To one person, a situation may be amazing- yet to another, the same situation may seem a tragedy. Experiences, as well as current circumstances, often shape our thoughts and feelings about a situation. If each person made a decision to do something good for another person in order to help better the other person’s day, imagine how amazing our memories would be! Often times, people feel so overwhelmed with the magnitude of issues in the world and those needing help. Yet, if you stop to look around in the midst of the busyness, one would see so many people in need of something good to occur in order to give them a positive memory that will subsequently provide hope. Tiny actions of good deeds can often evolve in to something even greater, both for the giver and the receiver.

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